Racetech HeatBox Engine Pre-Heater

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Racetech is proud to launch it's new range of engine pre-heaters designed in conjunction with our technical partners and developed with the feedback from leading historic motorsport teams. These engine pre-heaters allow a competition engine to be brought up to temperature without the need of running the engine, thus reducing the wear and running costs. Some competition engines also have such fine tolerances on their manufacture that they will not run cold, therefore a engine pre-heater is essential.

The Racetech HeatBox engine pre-heater is designed for:

  • Sturdy design so that it can cope with life in a busy motorsport paddock
  • Easy to use
  • Quicker to use when compared with other pre-heater systems
  • Low cost making it affordable
  • Ideal for professional teams and hobby competitors alike

The specification of the Racetech Heat-Box is:

  • 2KW system for 2ltr (or smaller) engines, limited availability
  • 3KW system for 3ltr (or smaller) engines
  • Adjustable thermostat control (although recommended to be used at 50ÂșC)
  • RCD plug fitted for system protection

Available for either cars 2ltrs and under or for 3ltr cars the Racetech HeatBox engine pre-heater can be used for a wide variety of applications. The 3ltr version now comes with Aeroquip fittings (the same type as used by the older Kenlowe design).

To view the user manual for the Racetech Heat-Box please click the 'Downloads' tab.

If your application is more specialised then please call or email with details of your requirements.