OMP One-S Racing Suit (8856-2000)

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The OMP One range is designed for those looking for the very best in performance. The One-S represents the top level of performance. This suit is approved by the FIA and meets homolgation FIA 8856-2000.

This suit is made from shiny Nomex fabrics and is available in a variety of different colours:

  • Dark blue and cyan
  • Black and white
  • Silver, anthracite and black

The features of this have been developed by OMP over the past 40 years and have been inspired by feedback from top level drivers including Nigel Mansell, Ayrton Senna, Michael Shcummacher, Kimi Raikonen, Tommi Makinen, Petter Solberg and Sebastien Ogier. The features of this suit include:

  • Inner pocket
  • Knitted material around the crotch
  • Floating sleeves with semi-floating arm bellows
  • A stretch dry system which offers high breathability on the back, hips, calf and under the sleeves

This suit is available in sizes 46-64, for more information on sizing please refer to our sizing guide by clicking here.

Boots, glove and underwear designed for the OMP One range is also available.