Cartek 3-Mode Rain Light

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The Cartek 3-mode rain light is a requirement for many racing championships in the UK and internationally. This rain light provides extra functionality of the normal static models.

This 3-mode rain light is available in either vertical or horizontal orientation.

The Cartek Rain Light is produced to the FIA technical list 19 specification and has been in use since 2008. The technical specification for this light is:

Size: 90x58mm
Weight: 145g
Construction: One-piece solid resin moulding
Lighting: Fifteen 10mm multi-chip LED’s 5x3 Formation, 40cm2 Area
Intensity: 250cd straight ahead, 200cd @ 10 degrees up/down/left/right (universal orientation)
Mounting: Two M6 stainless steel studs
Electrical: 9V-16V, 290mA @ 13.5V = 3.3W (Static), 150mA @ 13.5V = 1.8W (Flashing)