TRS Magnum 2-3 X 3 Harness

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TRS Magnum 6 point FIA harness has steel adjusters and is ideal for the club competitor or kit car builder. This harness is homologated to FIA 8853:2016. The shoulder straps can be wrapped around the roll cage if required. Innovative features such as, a securing tab for intercom cables on the shoulder strap, thumb loops on lower shoulder straps and velcro patches on lap straps are also featured. This harness must be used with a HANS device.

Model Magnum 6pt
Application Saloon
Shoulder Strap Width 3”-2"
HANS Device Required Yes
Adjuster Material Steel
Shoulder Strap Anchoring Snap-Hook
Lap Strap Width 3”
Lap Strap Anchoring Snap-Hook
Lap Strap Adjusting Pull-Up
Crotch Strap Width 2"
Crotch Strap Anchor (chassis) Snap-Hook
Crotch to Buckle Connection T-Bar
Colour(s) Red, Black, Blue Yellow, Green, Grey or Orange