OMP 0203HSL Saloon Harness (Pull-Up)

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The OMP 0203HSL harness is designed for those wanting comfort from a 6pt saloon harness. This harness features pull-up lap straps and ultralight-weight adjusters. The shoulder straps are 3" where they fasten to the buckle but reduce down to 2" over the shoulder (you will be required to wear a HANS device with this harness). The OMP 0203HSL saloon harness is available in either red or black.

The specification for this harness is:

Model 0203HSL
Application Saloon
Shoulder Strap Width 3"/2”
HANS Device Required Yes
Adjuster Material Aluminium
Shoulder Strap Anchoring Roll-bar wrap around
Lap Strap Width 3”
Lap Strap Anchoring Carabiner
Lap Strap Adjusting Either (please select preferred option)
Crotch Strap Width 2”
Crotch Strap Anchor (chassis) Snap-hook
Crotch to Buckle Connection T-Bar
Colour(s) Red or Black