Lifeline Becketts Harness 3"

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The Lifeline Beckets harness is their entry level harness. This model has 3" shoulder straps (a 2" version is also available). The Beckets model features antislip steel adjusters on both the lap and shoulder straps. All 6pts attach with snap-hook and eye bolt fittings.

Available in either blue or black. This harness is approved to FIA 8853-2016.

Model Beckets 3"
Application Saloon
Shoulder Strap Width 3”
HANS Device Required Optional
Adjuster Material Steel
Shoulder Strap Anchoring Snap-hook (can be made to roll-bar wrap around)
Lap Strap Width 2”
Lap Strap Anchoring Snap-hook
Lap Strap Adjusting Pull-Down
Crotch Strap Width 2”
Crotch Strap Anchor (chassis) Snap-hook
Crotch to Buckle Connection T-Bar
Colour(s) Black or Blue