Thermal Protection Inc Heat Reflective Foil/Films

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These thermal protection heat reflective foils and films are made from lightweight aerospace material. They have a fire resistant, pressure sensitive adhesive which meets or exceeds the Federal Aviation Authority 12-second vertical burn requirement. Easy to install, remove & also easy to repair since the film adheres to itself. Extremely versatile can be cut & formed.

GOLD FOIL: Radiant heat protection up to 750°F. Has heat soak/continuous operating temperature of 500°F. Up to 70°F gradient temp drop across film during normal operating temperatures. (Breaks down 850°F of continuous radiant heat) 6mil thick weighs 5oz/yd²

SILVER FOIL: Reflects at least 95% of the radiant energy. Radiant heat protection up to 1050°F (and higher for shorter durations) Minimum 400°F gradient temperature drop across film during normal operating temperatures. 15mil thick weighs 17oz/yd².

Other companies have tried to duplicate this product, yet do not compare as the imitation foils have a clear flammable adhesive, instead of a white fire resistant adhesive (see flame propagation picture). To be sure you get the genuine product, look for a film that has a white, fire resistant adhesive instead of a clear flammable adhesive.