HANS Devices

HANS devices offer additional protection for drivers. These devices provide support for a drivers head and neck in the event of a crash and have saved countless lives throughout the world.

A Brief Explanation

HANS (Head And Neck Support) devices sit on the drivers shoulders. They have a tether which attaches to the drivers helmet. In the event of a crash the drivers head will try to move forward but will be restrained by the HANS device which is held in place by the drivers harness. Without a HANS device the drivers neck can be broken by the force of the accident. Although first designed in the 1980's the HANS device has only become popular in recent years. There have been several high profile accidents in the 1990's which may not have resulted in fatalities if a HANS device had been worn by the driver. Since 2007 several sanctioning bodies including the MSA have made HANS devices mandatory for certain (but not all) competitions. It is important to check with your scrutineer/regulations to see if a HANS device is required.

Available Models

There are quite a few different options of HANS device available. We stock both the HANS and Schroth models of HANS device. Selection is usually made by if the driver will be competing in more then one vehicle, budget and weight. A full explanation of the different devices we stock is available by clicking here. Usually for Formula Student use the driver will select either a budget model (such as the HANS Sport II or the HANS III) or the HANS Adjustable model.

Raceparts can supply other makes and models of HANS device if you require an alternative model which is not listed. Please call or email us with your requirements.

Points To Consider

Before you purchase a HANS device you need to make sure that the helmet you are using already has HANS posts in it. If it doesn't but the holes are in the helmet to fit the posts then you may need to get the helmet manufacturer to fit the posts (depending on your sanctioning body, check with your scrutineer). HANS devices come with 18" long tethers as standard. It is important when using a HANS device that the tether is taught when the driver is sitting normally. To help with this you can change the tether for either a 17" or a 19" long tether (replacement 18" tethers are also available).

HANS Devices & Harnesses

Most harnesses available over the past five years or so have been what is known as 'HANS Compatible'. This means that you can use a HANS device is you choose to but you don't have too. The 3" shoulder strap will bow to fit into the HANS device. However it is also possible when to have a harness which is known as 'HANS Specific'. These harness' narrow to 2" on the shoulder straps to allow them to fit onto a HANS device better. When using a HANS specific harness you MUST use a HANS device whilst driving. Most harness designs are available in either HANS specific or HANS compatible designs.