Stant Radiator Caps

Raceparts are the UK distributor for Stant racing radiator caps. Stant radiator caps are used by the majority of OE motorsport and automotive manufacturers worldwide.

Stant radiator caps are available in a variety of different shapes and differing pressure ratings. Some caps are fitted with a lever for easy secure locking.

The range available is:

Part No. Pressure (psi) Shape Lever?
10371 18-22 Round (with ears) No
10372 21-25 Round (with ears) No
10373 28-32 Round (with ears) No
10330 13 Round Yes
10331 16 Round Yes
10381 18-22 Round Yes
10382 21-25 Round Yes
10391 18-22 Octagonal No
10392 21-25 Octagonal No
10393 28-32 Octagonal No
10394 38-42 Octagonal No

Motorcycle sizes are also available.

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