Silicone Hose

Raceparts are able to provide an extensive range of silicone hose products. These hoses are split down into Blue Silicone or Black Wrap. Blue silicone is often used in the performance automotive sector where as black wrap is more commonly found on historic/classic vehicles. Both types are available as straight (1mtr long), 45⁰, 90⁰, 135⁰ or 180⁰ elbows. The elbows have legs which typically measure 110mm each. Silicone hoses are usually specified by their Internal Diameter (ID). Raceparts keeps a wide variety of sizes in stock ranging from 6.5mm to 102mm.

Blue Silicone
Racetech blue silicone hose is made from polyester reinforced 3 ply silicone. The wall of the hose is 0.5mm thick. This hose is ideal for coolant, heating and low temperature turbo charger systems. This blue silicone hose has a working temperature range of -50°C to + 170°C and its bursting pressure range is 120-500 PSI.

Although we describe these as blue silicone they are available in a variety of colours such as (if not specified then they will be supplied in blue):

  • Black (black shiny rather then black wrapped)
  • Red
  • Orange*
  • Yellow*
  • Green* (either bright or dark)
  • Purple*
  • White*
  • Pink*

* - Denotes that these colours have a 20% surcharge compared to the standard price.

Black Wrap
The Racetech black wrap silicone hose was developed for applications where the blue silicone hose is unsuitable. This black wrap hose is made from the same modern silicon construction and has the same properties as the blue hose but with the appearance of old rubber hose. Available in the same range of sizes and bends as the blue hose and is ideal for historic and vintage cars. To order this black wrap hose use RTBH rather than RTSH for the part number.

Other Silicone Hoses
Raceparts can also supply Samco hoses if required, please let us now the part number including the colour when making the enquiry. We do not offer these 'off the shelf' so they can have a longer lead-time.

If you require special pieces such as 'S' shapes etc then these can be made to order, to do this however we will require a detailed drawing of your requirements. Please note that the lead-time on special pieces can be 6-8 weeks so you need to get your order in early.

Thicker 4 or 5 ply hoses are also possible, these give a stronger hose ideal for higher pressure system.

Silicone hoses which are fluro lined are also available. This are suitable for oil or diesel. Hi-temp hoses (270°C) are also available. These special hoses usually have a lead-time of 6-8 weeks.

Hose Accessories
Raceparts can supply hose joiners which can be used to join two pieces of silicone together.

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