Roll Bar Padding

Roll bar padding can be a difficult issue for Formula Student teams in Europe. Here we explain the the difficulties arising from the regulations and the way around this problem.

Both the FSG and SAE Formula Student regulations require you to use either SFI 45.1 or FIA 8857-2001 specification roll bar padding. Both sets of regulations also require you to make the roll bar 1" diameter. This does create a problem in the regulations as both of the FIA and SFI governing bodies require roll bars to be a minimum of 32mm in diameter. This means that there is no such thing as an FIA/SFI padding which is just 1" (25mm) in diameter.

This has created a situation where the regulations require you to use roll bar padding which is to large for the roll bar you are fitting it too. Commonly teams will use foam sticky tape to sit between the roll bar and the padding, thus making it fit better.

At Raceparts we offer two different ranges of FIA roll bar padding, OMP and Lifeline.

OMP offer 2 different models of roll bar padding. AA116A is for 30-40mm diameter roll bars and AA115A is for 40-50mm roll bars. Both types of padding are homologated to FIA 8857-2001. All OMP padding is 490mm long. If you only need a shorter length then the OMP works out as good value for money.

Lifeline offer 4 different sizes of roll bar padding. Sizes available are 32mm, 38mm, 45mm or 50mm. Lifeline roll bar padding is homologated to FIA 8857-2001. All Lifeline padding is sold in 600mm lengths. If your require more then half a metre in length then the Lifeline works out as the best option.

Raceparts offers Formula Student discount on both OMP or Lifeline roll bar padding. If you do find anything that better suits Formula Student requirements then please do let us know. We are always on the look out for something more suitable.

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