Racetech Universal Joints

At Raceparts UK Ltd we supply a wide variety of different Racetech Universal Joints for different applications. This page will help you select the right Universal Joint (UJ) for your application. Often people when designing cars make the wrong choice of UJ. This will mean that either you are using something heavier and more costly then it needs to be or you are using a part which is not up to the job. UJ's are often used on critical systems of the car such as steering or gear linkage. If you get this wrong then it will cause an accident.


These are the orange booted UJ's which are very common in the motorsport industry and are often the part most people think of when using the term Universal Joint. Suitable for applications such as gear linkages. Has a good weight-to-strength ratio and long service life however it is not suitable for stronger forces. Saddle washers are also available for these UJ's (please see below).


A higher quality joint made from high grade steel. These are suitable for linkages where higher forces are expected and for more critical assemblies. For added life and durability the needle bearing is a sealed unit.


This is the only Universal Joint which we recommend for use on steering systems. These are made to a higher strength


This is a Hooke's type UJ. Manufactured from high quality high-grade alloy steel it gives an increased performance and durability. These are available in either 1/2” X 1/2” or ½” X 5/8” sizes.

IDODLengthMax AngleWeight (Grams)Failure Torque (Lb-In)
RTUJB101/2” X 1/2”0.625”2.750”30º72.41080
RTUJB125/8” X 5/8”0.750”3.187”30º109.21900
RTUJB143/4” X 3/4"0.875”3.625”30º157.43000
RTUJB1613/16” X 13/16"1.000”4.062”30º229.44700
RTUJNB101/2” X 1/2”0.875”3.188”35⁰222.23000
RTUJNB125/8” X 5/8”0.875”3.188”35⁰196.03000
RTUJNB143/4” X 3/4"1.000”3.188”35⁰194.03000
RTUJNB (Blank)NA1.250”3.188”35⁰TBC3000
RTUJNSB101/2” X 1/2”1.570”3.750”35º366.64200
RTUJNSB125/8” X 5/8”1.570”3.750”35º337.04200
RTUJNSB143/4” X 3/4"1.570”3.750”35º300.84200

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