Racetech Steering Quick Release Couplings

Racetech produce a wide variety of different steering couplings. Most of these have already been used in different formula student products in previous years. Currently the Racetech range of steering quick release couplings is comprised of over 25 different models. These are chosen based on the diameter of the holes, the holes PCD, the slug diameter and colour.

The diameter of the holes refers to the holes on the coupling which will mount onto your steering wheel. Currently these are offered in either 3/16" or 1/4" diameter size hole. Most racing steering wheels are blank so that you can mount whichever coupling you would like to the wheel. However it is best to check before purchasing the coupling and the wheel.

The PCD for the mounting holes is another criteria which is used to select steering wheel quick release couplings. Racetech offer either a 2" PCD (which is three bolt holes) or a 70mm PCD (which is six bolt holes). Again the PCD you need is dependant on the steering wheel you have selected so it is best to check the suitability before you buy.

Possibly the most crucial element in selecting the correct coupling is the slug diameter. The slug refers to the shaft which is usually welded to the steering column. This shaft has a spline on one end which which connects into the coupling. Each coupling and slug is matched at production, the incredibly tight tolerances involved means that slugs may not fit couplings which they were not supplied with so it is not possible to supply slugs or couplings separately. Racetech's slugs are available in either 5/8", 3/4" or 1" diameter.

The last option on selecting a steering wheel quick release coupling is the colour. Currently Formula Student regulations do not specify a specific colour for the coupling (although you should check your specific regulations for the competition(s) you are taking part in). Other forms of motorsport however do specify a specific colour which is usually black or gold/yellow. In national level motorsport black is the most common. However FIA events and championships will usually specify gold/yellow. Most Formula Student teams choose a black coupling as this fits the overall presentation of the vehicle better and offers a more aesthetically pleasing image. Most of the Racetech range is available in either black or gold.

The chart below is a handy guide to help you select the coupling which is going to be most suitable to you.

5/8" Dia. Slug3/4" Dia. Slug1" Dia. Slug
3/16" Holes 2" PCDRTQ1RTQ2RTQ5
3/16" Holes 70mm PCDRTQ71RTQ72RTQ75
1/4" Holes 2"PCDRTQ4RTQ3RTQ6

The part number shown above is for the black colour coupling. If you would like the gold coupling then please add a 'Y' to the part number, for example RTQ1 becomes RTQ1Y.

The above options show the most commonly used coupling in Formula Student. There are several other options available though.

The RTQ9 offers a 3/4" diameter slug, the boss is round with no holes drilled in, this gives you the option of putting in any mounting holes and PCD you wish. This is available in black (RTQ9) or gold (RTQ9Y).

Racetech also produce group N style coupling which are more commonly used in saloon car racing/rallying. The RTQNY is a coupling which offers a bolt on mounting on both sides (for the steering wheel and the steering shaft. The RTQNY-3/4 has a group N style mounting for the steering wheel with a 3/4" slug.

The weights of the couplings are as follows:

CouplingWeight (grams)
RTQ5 & RTQ6656
RTQNY 3/4249

This guide should have helped you to find the correct steering wheel quick release coupling. However if the option you need is not listed or you have any other questions then please do not hesitate to call or email us.

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