MSD Ignition

Raceparts is proud to be an importer of MSD Ignition products. This includes ignition systems, coils and spark plug wires. Here is an overview of what is available, if you require further details or a quotation then please call or email with your requirements.

High Performance Ignition
Suitable for 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engines. The basic model offers multiple sparking and captive discharge ignition. The top of the range model is programmable allowing you to set the power curve required. a 2-step rev limiter, lock out the distributor and set a retard. There are models inbetween these two as well. Please call or email with details of the features you require.

MSD offer a range of coil options including different colours, high vibration models, high current or models specifically designed to work with MSD ignition systems. For most Formula Student applications Raceparts recommends the standard Blaster 2 model of coil. You may also wish to consider using a bracket mount for your coil.

Spark Plug Wires & Accessories
By using a high performance spark plug wire and terminals you can dramatically reduce the amount of resistance in the wire. This will mean that you can get a greater efficiency of spark which means a better burn in the engine. MSD spark plug wire also offers great protection against electro magnetic interference. Spark plug wire is available in either red or black. Raceparts can also supply a range of plugs and boots as well as other accessories such as cable separators, firewall adaptors and crimping tools. Please call or email for more details.

Raceparts offers a wide variety of Formula Student and Formula SAE related products. For more details on the sort of products we offer please click here. If you would like general advice and information on competing in Formula Student or other motorsport activities then please click here.