Brake/Rain Lights

Formula student regulations require the fitting of a brake light to competition vehicles. Most teams use competition rain lights for this purpose. All rainlights mentioned here are FIA approved and are suitable under FSAE and FSG regulations (although it is your responsibility to check this). All of these options meet the following criteria:

  • A red light with a black background
  • Rectangular, triangular or near round shape
  • Minimum shining surface of 15 cm2
  • Clearly visible from the rear in very bright sunlight

This is the light which is illustrated. The Racetech rainlight is probably the most common one we supply to Formula Student teams. It is an FIA approved rainlight for single seater use. This is a 50mm diameter light with 50 LED's. The lights are orientated at 10 degrees which improves visibility, as does the shroud which covers the actual diodes. This light is available as a standard 12 volt (RL01) or the less common 9 volt (RL9V) option.

Single seater rain lights (any round rianlight) can be susceptible to damage caused by vibration. The Racetech rainlight has been developed over the years to help to counteract this however issues can still occur from time-to-time. Most single seater race teams will make sure they have a spare rainlight in their kit just in case and faults happen whilst on event. You may want to consider carrying a spare light yourselves.

The Lifeline rainlight is commonly used for saloon & GT cars but can be found on some Formula Student cars. This light is homologated for FIA/MSA use. This is a rectangle light with 11 LED's. This light can be wired with a flashing function if required (flashing is at 4Hz). The complete unit measures 62mm X 100mm X 21.5mm and is fixed by M6 bolts.

Raceparts can also supply rainlights produced by Cartek. These are often used in Formula 3 or GT competition vehicles. Standard or flashing models are available.

If you require a rainlight other then one listed here then please contact us with the details.

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