AP Racing Letter

Formula Student teams purchasing AP Racing products are eligible for a discount. To qualify for this you need to submit the order as a letter (even if you have already sent a purchase order). This is a request from AP Racing and we won't be able to process your order until we have received the letter.

The letter must include:

  • Your institutes names
  • The items needed including part numbers (although only parts from AP Racing which start with CP on the part number please do not include part numbers from other manufacturers)
  • Quantities required
  • Which Formula Student competition(s) you are participating
  • Be on officially headed paper of the institution

The letter must be submitted in this way or you'll be charged the full retail price for the parts. In cases where we are having to order parts for you from AP Racing we wont be able to order the parts you require until we have received this letter, therefore your lead-time will be effected.
You can scan in the letter and email it over to us if you like.

You can order AP Racing products at the same time as products from other manufacturers (such as Racetech, Goodridge or Super B) however please only include AP Racing parts on this letter and don't include any other manufacturers products. This letter is in addition to a purchase order and is not instead of one.

What Is A Letter & How Do I Write One?

It is possible that you have gotten to this stage in life without having ever written a letter before. In this age of email and so many other communication methods it has become less common to send a letter however as you embark on your career it will still be an important tool. Here are some guides to writing a letter you may find useful:

  • BBC Bitesize; A good overview but a bit of a simplistic guide.
  • UK Post Box; Very guide for learning the layout and structure of a letter.
  • Pro Writing Aid; Quite a detailed guide including layout, language etc.
  • Grammaly; A guide on high to write a letter in terms of language and style.

You don't need to read all these guides we have included a few so that you can find one that works for you.

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