AP Racing

Raceparts UK offer large discounts to all Formula Student teams (outside of North America). For us to process your order we will need a purchase order on college/university notepaper as per these instructions.

AP Racing’s own website [click here] has lots of useful information including details of the different calipers/discs/pads available. The important areas to consider when selecting your AP Racing brake system are:

  • Weight - how much weight in the system are you trying to have. Part of this will be the size and material as well.
  • Cost - What size budget do you have available
  • Performance - how much stopping power you need

For the latest quotes on availability and pricing please contact us on sales@raceparts.co.uk

When confirming your order for AP Racing products to qualify for the discount you will need to submit the order via a letter. This letter must detail the the part number and quantity of what you need. It must be sent on University headed paper (a scanned copy via email is fine). This is to ensure that you get the discount you are entitled too.

Raceparts offers a wide variety of Formula Student and Formula SAE related products. For more details on the sort of products we offer please click here. If you would like general advice and information on competing in Formula Student or other motorsport activities then please click here.