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MSD Ignition offers a variety of performance coils designed for a number of applications. MSD Blaster coils are suitable to upgrade your standard coil or complement the performance of your MSD 6 series ignition. MSD coils have a lower resistance and improved turns ratio, producing a more powerful spark and improved performance.

BLASTER - 8200

Blaster coil, chrome case. High voltage output, comes with 0.8 ohm ballast resister, terminal and boot, for use with points, electronic or MSD ignitions. With a standard points ignition a ballast resistor must be placed in-line with the positive terminal of the coil.

BLASTER 2 - 8202

Blaster coil, red case. High voltage output for use with MSD Ignitions.

BLASTER - 8203

Blaster coil, red case. Same spec as 8200, but with red case.


Blaster coil, black case. High voltage output, for high vibration applications. Comes with a sturdy metal case and is potted in epoxy. This protects the coils internal components from high and low frequency vibrations.

If you wish to view the instructions for these coils please click on the 'Downloads' tab. This document is for all of the above Blaster coils.